My karate training camp August 01-07, 2011


I stayed at hotel Caraiman, in Poiana Brasov, in the Romanian mountains. This hotel is for sports people and old people (!). The rooms have two floors, first floor with a sofa and an armchair, and the second floor with a bed; both floors have TV’s. I slept on the couch and the two girls who stayed with me slept upstairs. I liked sleeping downstairs because I had a bigger TV, I could stretch on the couch (foldable), and I had a lot of room to sleep.

The weather was pretty good, and we had three training sessions every day. One at 8:00 AM, one at 11:00 AM, and one at 5:30 PM. We practiced karate moves, did exercises and running competitions.

I went up the mountain by cable car on Saturday, and walked down the mountain. I was so tired after this that I could barely move my legs for like 2 hours. On the first night we went to play in a little park close to the hotel.

On Saturday we didn’t have training. We had a party. It was Tudor’s birthday. The b-day party took place in our room!!! During the party, a senior person (mom told me this term is politically correct) called us. One of my older friends grabbed the phone from the girl who answered first and apologized, because the senior was making a fuss about the “scandal” in our room. My friend was very mature, and he has a deep voice so it worked.

The food was good, and I liked the hotel. We were 12 kids, and one trainer. We were: two blue belts (me and one friend), two black-brown belts, one white belt, four orange belts, two brown-white belts, and one yellow-white belt.

If you want to see the pictures I took, click on this link. Enjoy!






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