Nordstern Festival 2011

Nordstern 2011 festival, Hamburg, 8-9 July

The first edition of Nordstern Festival was a wonderful beginning. It was super! The bands were selected very well, and the sound was good, too. On the first day Nordstern was in Markthalle, a cooool disco in Hamburg, very close to our hotel, and on the second day in Stadtpark, a wonderful park with tall trees, flowers, gardens, alleys and a gorgeous place for the bands to play. The photos in my story are by Viva Music.

First day at Markthalle

Lots of people already there when we arrived and we thought we were early! A hall with merchandise at the entrance and then a disco like an amphitheatre with a nice stage.

Slave Republic


It was a nice start because they play nice songs. People were dancing and having lots of fun. They were singing in English so I understood everything. I enjoyed the first band of Nordstern festival 2011. 2 songs I remember: “Less of me” , “Electric”.



One of Daniel Meier’s bands, and I think this is a DJ set produced by him. Sometimes Daniel Meier sings his own remixes for Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode. This time, Daniel asked the audience what to sing, choosing Kraftwerk, and I think my mom was pretty sad. I heard Daniel Maier say he preformed with some people from Depeche Mode.

I remember 2 songs, just like Slave Republic: “Stripped” – Depeche Mode, “Radioactivity” – Kraftwerk



The songs were in German, and one in Italian, so I couldn’t really understand, so I just enjoyed the music. Boris was barefoot on stage and he was pulling his pants up, too, all the time. He really goes into a trance on stage, so his clothes, I think, say he cares not about worldly things. It was a great performance and many people were enjoying.

Frozen Plasma


A good performance from Felix Marc and Vasi Vallis. I liked the show, and everyone knew the lyrics very well, and that impressed me. I knew just 1 song named “Tanz die revolution”, a song that has eight languages in it. Everyone was dancing. It was a good show and I enjoyed it. I have a photo with Felix Marc (when we were leaving we met him). He is such a nice person.

Second day at Stadtpark



Opened the second day with a nice show; the songs sounded good… but they were in German so I didn’t really understand the songs very well. I remember like it was yesterday that the vocalist kept shouting in German something that was very easy to understand even for me: “Das Ist Sex”. I guess their songs weren’t lullabies.

Absurd Minds


The second band on the second day of Nordstern Festival was wonderful. I liked it a lot. They sang my favorite song,  “Countdown”. People were dancing and having fun. I was happy to see Absurd Minds for the first time.



A good show, I knew one song: Synthesize Me. People were having fun, dancing and singing every word.



 I loved Combichrist… but half of their concert I had to watch in pouring rain, but it still was cool. I knew many of their songs like: “Get your body beat”, “F*** that S***”, “What the F*** is wrong with you” and others.

Right when it started raining, before the show started, Trevor with a pair of black tights on his head went around the crowd gathered in front of the stage and while holding a microphone he used the wire of the mic to pull all the umbrellas from the peoples’ hands. It was the wildest beginning of a concert in my life! And still it was nothing compared to what was coming. Andy LaPlegua crawled in the grass, Joe kicked all his drums down and at the end of the concert Joe and the guitarist wore a horse head, and a bee and a robot woman came on stage during the last song. I figured out that the bee was my friend, Fischie and I was happy to see her there!



The show IAMX did was great. I was impressed by the guitarist that couldn’t sit still and kept expressing music with her body, she is so cute. Chris Corner sang one of the songs I knew named “Nightlife”. At one of the songs Joe Letz joined IAMX for one of the songs. It was an impressive show!

VNV Nation


This is how Nordstern ends, with VNV Nation. They sang my favorite song ever from them, “Illusion”. Everybody was singing and dancing and enjoyed the last band of Nordstern Festival 2011!

Another very important note: there hasn’t been one gothic festival without me eating my famous PRETZELS! And I have attended quite a few!

My special thanks and gratitude to Peddy.





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  1. fresha Avatar

    this is… I don’t have words…your mother should be so proud of you…girl you rulz…

    1. adara Avatar

      thank you very much! next year i will have my camera to take MY pics!

  2. Stella Avatar

    Wonderful review, Adara! Makes me wish I would have been there. Keep on writing!

    1. adara Avatar

      about my training camp and amphi soon!!!! thank you!!!

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