Little Sammy

It was a lonely night, Sammy was just a little dog waiting for his parents, Linda and Josh. They went to find food for Sammy, but after one hour they didn’t come back.

He went to search for his parents, but nothing. It was one of the moments when Sammy was very scared. Then, he went to his friends, Lola and Whiskerz, his parents’ friends. They didn’t know anything:

– Did you see my parents, Linda and Josh?

– No, why?

– I can’t find them.

– We’re very sorry, you can stay with us until they come back.

– Ok, thank you very much.

So, 3 weeks passed and Linda and Josh weren’t found. Sammy was very sad, but he was searching for them every day. Sammy was now a big boy and he needed his parents. Lola and Whiskerz became his foster parents.

This is the story of a little dog.





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