Wonderland online

This is my Wonderland avatar.
This is my Wonderland avatar.

Wonderland is an online game that I play. It’s a Japanese game, and I play it every day! The game starts on a ship. You need to talk to the captain of the ship.You will get to the starters island and get a boat. Then get to starters beach and make new friends and level-up! There are servers that you can pick to play on. You can meet people form UK, USA, Romania, Spain, and many other countries! There is a Japanese version that people from Europe and America can’t play.

In Wonderland Online you can get married and divorce, too. You need to pick an element you want to be (water, fire, earth or wind) and get the spells! You will have pets, money, armors and weapons.

I play this game because there are people from my country, too and I can speak to them in my language! I hope you will enoy Wonderland Online (WLO).

Wonderland Website: www.wl.igg.com






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