My little dog, Ambra

My little dog is 4 years old. Her birthdate is October 9, 2007 and she is a Libra. She is 3 kg and 50 cm long. She is always happy when she is not sleeping, because she sleeps a lot. When she isn’t sleeping she is eating and drinking water, playing with me and my mother or just sitting on her bed.

I love my dog because she loves me, too and because she is a wonderful dog! When I am sick, she stays with me and she watches me all the time. She sleeps with me and, when she is sleeping she snores. She is very funny and makes new friends very fast (people), but not dogs: she ignores them and just tries to bite them.

She eats human food and dog food, but  a lot of normal food (soup and chicken). She eats everything you give her, and I mean everything.  She also drinks  loads of water. This is my little dog!






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